Baygon® DIY

Why pay a professional when you can do it yourself? Baygon's DIY Home Surface Spray is easy to use and ergonomically designed - so you can get the results you want, quickly and easily.

Baygon® Do-it-Yourself Outdoor Expert Home Surface Spray

  • Kills and controls crawling and flying insects before they get inside your home
  • Provides lasting barrier control
  • Ready to use - with no need to wear protective gloves
  • Easy to use, ergonomic trigger
  • Available in a 2 litre kit

Baygon ® Exterminator Bombs

  • Deliver a fine mist that smothers insects, resulting in an effective fast kill.
  • Leaves no unpleasant residual odour so the room, attic, shed, garage, caravan or other location where the bomb is used can be re-entered within 2 hours with no adverse smell present.
  • The powerful formula delivers a fast-kill, whilst also having a strong residual effect to deliver up to 3 months protection with each bomb used.

Baygon ® Do-It Yourself Indoor Expert

  • Easy to use with its ergonomically designed trigger nozzle. This also allows precision targeting in both accessible and hard to reach places such as skirting boards, cupboards, water pipes, under sinks, water tanks and behind stoves and fridges.
  • Get the results you want, quickly and easily delivering maximum protection.
  • Available in a 430g Trigger.

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